Did You Know?

The average life expectancy differs across OKC-County.

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Hover on the map below to view your ZIP code's life expectancy.

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How ZIP Codes Affect Life Expectancy

The increased risk of health burdens varies by ZIP code. These burdens can include education, income, maternal and child health, mental health, mortality, healthcare access, crime, infectious disease and built environment. All of these factors can affect quality of life - which, as a result, affects overall life expectancy.

Why this Information is Important

Identifying life expectancy trends at the local level, in combination with other social determinates of health, provides meaningful data for decision making and program initiatives. Policies, programming, and education can be tailored to improve health outcomes across our city-county jurisdiction targeting the areas with higher health risks.

What's Next?

To decrease the 18 year gap in life expectancy, the data from the Wellness Score will be used to determine which ZIP codes have the highest health risks. The ultimate goal is for all ZIP codes to have the same access to healthcare services, transportation, education, grocery stores, etc.

Please visit wellnessnowokc.org to learn about efforts in the community and to get involved.

To find services in your community, please visit occhd.org.